What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA)  is a highly skilled professional and business owner who is an expert in administrative work. She partners with clients in long-term collaborative relationships to act as their administrative advisor and staff. She has her own office and her own equipment. Virtual assistants offer a variety of administrative services but may specialize in particular areas such as project management, goal setting, marketing, or bookkeeping.

Why Choose a VA Instead of an Employee?

Virtual Assistant Employee
The client only pays for time worked. The client must pay for all time worked plus bathroom and lunch breaks, vacation time, sick time, and holidays.
VAs manage their own taxes, 401k or other retirement plans, and health benefits.


Clients must manage all benefits and several types of taxes including; Social Security, FICA, and federal and state unemployment taxes. Sometimes the client may have to hire someone to administer all of the above benefits and taxes as well.
VAs are micro business owners, so clients are not subject to the legal exposure that goes along with having employees. Clients have legal exposure to employees including; sexual harassment, discrimination, working hours, leaves of absence, terminations, performance reviews, grievances, substance abuse, and much more. Clients may also have to comply with FFLSA, OSHA, or ERISA.
VA’s do not require that clients use them for a large number of hours. 10 hours per month is perfectly acceptable. (10 hours per month works out to be about 30 minutes per day) The cost is much less than hiring a part-time employee and the stress of having to find work for someone is non-existent. Clients may feel they need to provide an employee with at least 20 hours of work per week. This can sometimes be a struggle for those who don’t need that much support. Hiring temps is an option, but they often do not work with clients long enough to understand their business and the client could end up spending more time training than doing the work themselves.
VAs want to build a long-term collaborative relationship in which they understand clients’ businesses and can help them on a deeper level. They can be a great sounding board and help with strategic planning as well as administrative work.


Although, there are employees that are passionate about what they do, not all of them have the passion or ability to partner with clients to reach their strategic goals.
VAs have their own offices, computer equipment and other hardware. There is no need to provide them with office space, so there is no rent and no loss of privacy.


The client must provide the employee with the necessary desk space, desk, chair, computer equipment, and office supplies. Extra rent may have to be paid and privacy may have to be compromised.
VAs have a great deal of knowledge. Because we work with more than one client, we are constantly learning new and better ways to do things and sharing them with our other clients. Employees have only the knowledge acquired through past experience and training.
AssistU VAs have endless resources.  We are a community of hundreds of VAs who work in every area that you can think of. An AssistU VA will do or get clients whatever they need. Employees have a limited amount of resources.