I work on a retainer basis. I offer a block of ten hours for a monthly fee of $550.   Any additional time is billed at $55 per hour. Clients are welcome to reserve additional time. The additional time will be added to the next month’s invoice. Any unused time is not carried over to the next month.


How To Get The Most Value

I have a passion for helping businesses reach their goals by anticipating their needs and providing them with strong administrative support. To provide clients with the greatest value, it is important that we work together for at least 10 hours per month. This enables me to completely understand the business  and stay in the loop on what is happening on a regular basis. When I understand the business and current business needs, a strong connection is formed and my clients and I can move mountains. In addition, reserving a block of time gives clients peace of mind that the amount of time they need has been allotted to them for the next month.